Why BlueRockTEL?

We help telecom companies billing efficiently and automatically their services, xDSL accesses and VoIP lines. We help them increasing their cash flow. We also provide them with relevant analytics.

Automatic Billing

Automated invocing is the key functionality : once your customers details are saved, no need to go back to it! Every month, the solution automatically searches for elements to be invoiced and non-package calls are calculated according to the parameters entered. Final customers receive clear and detailed invoices.


Thereafter, the solution allows debit files to be generated in accordance with SEPA standards and to monitor payments due accurately. Just as simply, saled and settlement entries are sent to accounts.


Lastly, BluerockTel allows margins to be analysed in details : customer by customer, file by file, service by service… In order to identify where money is earned or lost. Measures can then be taken where appropriate.

What our clients say

Alexandre Lang


"Since 2012, we are relying on BlueRockTEL services to charge our OVH telecom services, xDSL accesses and telephony lines. It allowed us to focus mainly on the customer service, while delivering clear and detailed invoices. What we appreciate the most about BlueRockTEL, they are always on our side to deliver solutions to meet the particular needs of our customers. Therefore we were able to deploy complex installations for national franchises, while adapting our billing policy to their accounting services needs. Their advanced knowledge of OVH API always allows to find a solution, and to launch new quality control tools."

Jean-Marc Guibert

Encom Paris

BlueRockTEL saves me time in easily managing the monthly billing of several hundred of customers. I also appreciate having reports that allow a detailed analysis of our margins both by customer and by salesperson. But that’s not all, BluerockTEL lets me maintain control over unpaid invoices, the monitoring of customer installations and the management of our customer service. I would strongly recommend BluerockTEL to any company eager to gain a great deal of time and I am very pleased with the responsiveness and the work of the BluerockTEL team."

Nicolas Rebouh

Encom Toulouse

"Month after month, BlueRockTEL automatically generates and mails invoices to our customers. This represents hundreds of dossiers, and each of them may contain from ten to over a hundred different services. Moreover, each of our clients have different needs and are facing different issues : which lead us to offer them a large range of deals and services. The BlueRockTEL solution showed its ability to manage this complex environment in generating fair invoices in real-time."

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